Serving Autism and Unique Abilities On and Off the Courts

Match Point Gala Mission Statement

“The mission of the Match Point Gala is to annually celebrate and honor community partners and individuals nominated as “Legacy Ambassadors” who have made significant contributions through participation, awareness campaigns, and fundraising. Their efforts and funds raised will catalyze the development and expansion of Love Serving Autism’s therapeutic programs, creating an inclusive and accepting community for neurodiverse individuals, on and off the courts.”

Legacy Ambassador Karen Matthews

As a passionate advocate for the special needs community and a dedicated entrepreneur, I’m thrilled to serve as an ambassador for Love Serving Autism this year. My journey began with a deep desire to support special needs children, fueled by my studies in Psychology and hands-on experience with children on the spectrum. This path led me to the world of entrepreneurship, where I’ve been able to leverage my skills to make a meaningful impact.

Now, as a board member for Love Serving Autism, I’m eager to combine my love for tennis with my commitment to this cause. Tennis has always been more than just a sport to me; it’s a powerful tool for therapy and education, offering a unique way to enhance life skills and independence for those with special needs. My goal is to raise funds to support Love Serving Autism’s mission, helping to expand their incredible programs and reach more families. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of these children and their families, celebrating every milestone on and off the tennis court.

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