Serving Autism On and Off The Tennis Court

Legacy Nick Bourdon, Team Graceful Gears’ Campaign to Support LSA’s Gala

There are very few organizations that offer unique programs that make it fun while embedding specific and measurable training exercises for training. Seeing the infrastructure & community support that Lisa and her team have earned through Love Serving Autism is a testament to their dedication and focus to help kids/adults with autism making the leading therapeutic training program for people with autism. As my role at Love Serving Autism is planning, developing, and managing the backend software infrastructure to support Love Serving Autism’s mission and growth across the organization, my “legacy” contribution is long-lasting processes to keep up with LSA’s rapid growth.
As a Legacy, why I’ve accepted this role as I felt called to build mechanisms that produce closer, fulfillment, and measurable benefit for these kids. There is no better expert than Lisa when it comes to therapeutic training & my acceptance as a Legacy came after her & I ran a joint charity event together where I saw first-hand how impactful LSA programming is. I’m excited to be a part of the LSA team. Thank you for this nomination.

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