Serving Autism On and Off The Tennis Court

Legacy Rafael Collier Team Raffy’s Campaign to Support LSA’s Gala

Hello everyone, and thanks for clicking on my Legacy Campaign. My name is Rafael Collier, and I am 21 years old. Today I hope to get as many as possible to donate to a great cause. Let me explain. Growing up, I was always passionate about cars, phones, PlayStation, riding my bike, and playing tennis. I am one of the founding members of Love Serving Autism. Every time I get a chance to get on the court and have fun with all my friends is a beautiful day. During our Tennis Camp, we get to experience various levels of tennis. Everything that Ms. Lisa and her team do here is amazing. Not only are we having fun, but we are learning in an environment that is specific to our needs. We have many needs. Not everyone understands those needs, but Miss Lisa and her team do.

I am excited and honored for a chance to be the Love Serving Autism Legacy winner for 2022. I was nominated. Boy, I want to win. I want to get dressed up in a tux and go to the fancy banquet for LSA with my friends and family on November 11. But I need your help to win. That would be SO AMAZING! I would be on top of the world. Winning would be great, but even better is the chance to help this organization grow and become fulfilling to so many kids on the Spectrum like me. I have a big family, so I always have someone to be with, but some kids and adults living with Autism like me have no one and no place to feel included, to gather and have fun. Miss Lisa wants to change that by building a therapeutic center for us. When that center is complete, that would be a fantastic place for so many people to work, learn, play, have fun, and get therapy. We still need help with daily skills. Love Serving Autism is a big part of my life. Please help me make it a part of the lives of more children and adults living with Autism. Please help me raise money for the center by donating to my campaign. Your donation can help me WIN. So donate lots, please, by clicking on here.

Thank you for your donation.
I am Rafael Collier, and I Approve this message.

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