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Frequently Asked Questions


Love Serving Autism/Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the program participant bring his/her own tennis racquet?

We provide the tennis racquets each week. It is also great if your child brings his/her own racquet. Please discuss with the Love Serving Autism coach before purchasing a racquet so it is the correct size for his/her age. PLEASE BRING WATER for your child and properly hydrate before the tennis sessions.

What do they wear for the tennis program?

Tennis/gym/athletic clothing, tennis shoes, hat, sunscreen

As a parent, do I stay during the tennis class?

Yes, it is mandatory for 1 parent or caregiver stay on site during the tennis class for community-based programs on the weekends.

Do I need to assist my family member on court?

The Love Serving Autism trained coaches and volunteers will actively engage the program participants during the tennis classes. The goal is for the program staff to independently facilitate the class and to ask for parent/caregiver support only if necessary. Parents/caregivers are welcome to offer information to the staff for behavioral strategies and preferred positive reinforcers to create a successful on court experience.

Is it required for the program participants to be verbal or may they participate if they are non-verbal?

We highly encourage program participants both verbal and non-verbal to join our classes. We also invite program participants to bring a communication device to demonstrate functional communication skills during tennis class. The language skills we learn on court may be generalized across all settings (school, home, community, vocational setting).

Does my family member need any tennis experience to participate?

No tennis experience is required for the Love Serving Autism Red Ball tennis classes. Please visit our website to review the LSA Tennis Social Story Video.

Is an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis a requirement to participate?

Our tennis classes are specifically designed for providing therapeutic instruction for children and adults with ASD and Developmental Delays/Challenges. A diagnosis isn’t mandatory but is recommended for our classes.

Can siblings join the class?

Yes, siblings may join the class to assist their brother/sister with the tennis activities as well as to provide peer modeling. They will not register as a program participant unless requested by the Love Serving Autism staff.

What is the cost to participate and what is the money used for?

The cost for the tennis classes may vary based on program location and schedule. The funding is used to purchase tennis equipment, coaching materials and any additional program director fees.

Do the families pay for the 6-week sessions up front or per week?

Love Serving Autism requests you register and pay online prior to the 6-week sessions.

May we try the tennis first before registering for the 6-week sessions?

Yes, please contact us at to observe a class or to attend a practice clinic. Please visit our Love Serving Autism YouTube Channel to view videos for the Red Ball class tennis activities.

What is the policy for rain and weather updates for the tennis classes?

The Love Serving Autism Program Director for your location will contact your family if a clinic is cancelled due to weather. The class may be re-scheduled if it’s an option according to the tennis calendar or a credit/refund may be issued.

Family Refunds:

Please speak with the Program Director if you are not able to attend tennis session(s) due to an emergency and we will be as accommodating as possible. Refunds will not be provided for program participant cancellations or no shows to class.

Liability Insurance:

Love Serving Autism is insured with the United States Tennis Association’s Master Liability policy.

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